feel the New

Remember the rush you felt on seeing a unique piece of clothing? You saw it at a quaint store or somewhere on the streets or on a magazine. You moved on; but the image stayed with you, coming back to you during your idle day dreams or busy work days or just when you are about to sleep. You don’t remember the brand, or the model flaunting it. You remember it because of the way it made you feel – fresh, new and you! Colors & Mirrors aims to deliver on that feeling again and again.

Given our country’s diversity, the possibilities are manifold and we at Colors & Mirrors focus on creating clothes that are instinct driven and celebrate the beauty of all things Indian!

who we are and what we do

It was started by Charu Roopha Srikanth in 2016, as a result of her yearning for thoughtfully tailored clothing that combined different weaves and prints in eclectic colors. Steered by the absence of clothing she envisioned, she began designing and personally making clothes for friends and family. With no formal education in fashion design, Charu set out to figure out ways to convert her ideas into tangible pieces of clothing, that would balance the creative spurts and the astronomical expectations of an avid shopper in her.

We intend to provide you an experience that is new for you. We promise that we will challenge you, because we challenge our preconceptions and assumptions on what is “good”, “pretty” and “simple” every single day. We work towards building lovely memories with strangers from across the world who would genuinely take their time to tell us how our clothing made them feel or how something we did someday helped them in the long run while we continue creating ensembles like none other. We currently retail online on our own website and on a few other e-commerce sites (you can find the list here).